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Wooden Boxes (one colour each)

RM 8.00

March's mini project 2 - using wooden boxes from my previous workshop as my painting canvas. They are all hand-painted not printed, so it is normal for these items to have so minor visual flaws. These boxes can be used to keep small jewellery, coins or any other tiny items.  


Item : Wooden Boxes, personally hand-painted using acrylic paints and Pilot Pintor markers.

Material : Light MDF Wood

Size : 9 x 5.5 cm

Height : 4.9 cm

Finishing : Super-glossed acrylic varnish

Shipping : Please choose Pos Laju for the shipping. FlexiPack doesn't accept such boxes in its packing.


How to care :

  • Please keep away from water and moisture to avoid damage
  • Even though these woods are matt-sealed and glossed, please make sure that they are not exposed to the water for long and soaking it in the water is also not a great idea !