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Travel Kit - Stamp Session !

RM 28.00

These travel kits by my sister's craft shop : Iro-iro consist of :

  • Notebook (Brown kraft paper for cover and blank white paper for the content) sized : 16.4 x 9.5 cm
  • Acrylic clear stamps x 3 sets (travel theme)
  • Ink Pad of your choice (while stock lasts)

Ink Pad colours (in-stock) :

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Light blue
  • Dark blue
  • Purple
  • Light green
  • Dark green
  • Dark brown
  • Black

Note : After you make your order, please choose your set and ink pad colour choice. Each travel kit available in only 1 set, all sold old sets will be updated after the order payment has been made. 

How to use clear stamp :

  1. Peel stamps off clear sheet and put them on a clear acrylic block or any blocks. 

  2. Ink the stamps, then flip the clear block over and position it over your paper. 

  3. Press the block down on the paper with even pressure. 

  4. Lift the block straight up. 

  5. Clean the stamp, and stick back on the clear sheet.