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Pack - April as Postcard, Sticker, Art Print

RM 20.00

In this pack, I've curated some items that related to nature magic (herbs, essential oils, flowers and plants). April is a quirky pink-haired girl with a black cat called Aries. She loves the forest and the colour purple. Illustration from my April 2020 theme for Patreon.


Pack Details :

  • Postcard on 300 gsm art card (lamination gloss on one side, 4 x 6 inch) x 1 pc
  • Small greeting card (8 x 9 cm) x 1 pc
  • Gold foil A5 artprint x 1pc
  • Stickers (5 x 5cm) x 2 pcs
  • 4 x 6" artprint (9 x 11cm) x 1pc (free)

*Colour and contrast of actual print may vary slightl


Made by all the love in the world <3